It’s because Loving is existing….

          We, as human beings, we love things, places … but people do not always know love. Well, the truth is that we can love many things and many places but not always people, just our life path and choosing the go to thingsi, this time, we have to learn to learning this verb in the correct manner.

         Maybe you’d rather wake up in the illuminated city, Paris, for that, maybe that character appeared tales with whom we always dreamed of and that throughout life we idealize. But when it comes to love, we have to wait almost “falling from a tree” or are raindrops in April.

          Unfortunately, what we call “Love Affair” has been destroyed. Today, any person “comes out at night” and takes the passion of the moment dictates that thinking is how the heart beats, but deceive themselves. I still have grandparents who say, “Your grandfather was in the war for 10 years and I was here waiting for him” – 2 words  – “Truth” – “Love”. I’m sure there are people who want to wake up with smiling boyfriend / girlfriend, above all, have that person with whom to share emotions, because, crying alone is not the same as having a shoulder to welcome us.

          Love is even there. To love is to live. To love is to smile. Love is love. You travel in that we do not have wings and dream of castles do not see. Is rave about what we feel and sweat before sleep. It’s hard to embrace before leaving and have a hand to grab all the time.

           I favor that one should not play with love, this is because we need him. I’m sure anyone reading this article is not to be alone. And more, to learn what love is, just educate him in your own way.

             The world needs love and we need love!

Article by Writer Paulo Alexandre Henriques “It’s bacause Love is existing…”, September/2012


~ por Paulo Alexandre Henriques em Setembro 4, 2012.

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