“Mum! Buy me this phone!”

          When i was a child,what i’m gonna preffer? My laptop or… the company of a good book and the homework that i bring back from school? Well,im not exactly a kid anymore but, if i was one from nowadays i’d preffer the new tecnhology.

          A “kid” from nowadays turns out to be verry damanding, “bossy” and,and take away the fact they have a dad and mum that work to feed them,and clothes ,ect. , theres always something missing for them,their never able to be happy with what they have. we’ve seen kids , as we know about 6/7 years of age,with a laptop, a phone, an ipod.. The question we ask is: do you think the parents know the disavantages of these things and the down side to new technolody?

          The dad’s parenting side needs to ” put his hand to his head” and know that its not the child that rules you. This one has to simple study , learn to respect so for in the fute they will learn to be a women/man . Not to mention that the new tecnhologys cause diseases like cancer when over used this is because the radiations from the same are protentially harmfull and affect the brain sand nerve system of humans easily.

          In totall , what i wanted to say was , that the children werent made to be attatched to the new tecnhology so soon. If they are the future of this world, why are we killing their working brain? So i think, to all the mums and dads, that think about this , because its the future of their children that “is in risk of end”.

Article by Writer Paulo Alexandre Henriques, “Mum! Buy me this phone!”, in september/2012


~ por Paulo Alexandre Henriques em Setembro 1, 2012.

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